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Mix Box is necessary in this server?

I would like to explain WHY we need the mixbox in this server.
1) More money flow, prevents the collapse of the marketplace
Demand and supply of the items will be completely destroyed if mixbox is not implemented. For example, if all players get 1/3 luck belt or 1/3 health belt etc, there will be no need to buy extra because there will not be any destruction of the item without mixbox. You could say same thing to the unique items. No need to mix = no destruction = people will not buy gear eventually = no money flow. This is actually happening now in the server, that the 1/3 items were being traded for 120~150m previously, but now it is less than 85m because demand is too low for the supply.
2) Minor jobs and characters will have opportunity to solo the monster.
Currently in this server, most of the high level characters are Knowledge Lancer, Wizard, Tamer and Power Archer because they can grind almost anywhere due to the STRONG awakening skills compared to other characters. To say more, people are being forced to use those strong characters to power levelling their main minor characters such as necro/priest/power lancer/beastman/deamon/squire/thief/warrior, which is ALMOST everything. Due to the lack of the mixed gear, minor characters aren’t being able to grind, being forced to use the fundamentally strong characters due to their strong skill. As you can see the data my friend have collected here: http://pepeuslife.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-17.html , average level of the physical archer/ knowledge lancer and tamer are extremely high and most of the rebirthed characters are from those fundamentally strong characters. To add on, around 80% of the high levels debuffing characters are mostly alternative character of the player who uses the strong character as a main character.
3) Early end in the grinding
It will be extremely difficult to grind after level 650 because of the game system of increase in monster’s HP/DP/Resistance/Damage cut. For example, those hunting places are Molinar 6f/Forest of time. People are not able to grind at high level place now even if they level up to that level.
Secondly, I would like to share you my personal theoretical positive and negative effects caused by the implementation of the mixbox. There will be numbers of positive and negative effect caused by the mixbox. I would firstly like to discuss about theoretical positive and negative effects of the mixbox.
Theoretical positive effects:
- Items of individual players will be very itemized and customised into unique form which will be different to other people. In current server, same job got the almost same item with same status.
- Marketplace will be very active than it used to be before. High level players who would like to use mixbox will buy material from the low level players who want money for the better gear. There will be more demand than supply; therefore price of the items in the market place will be more expensive, which will cause the great flow of the money between players.
- Every major and minor jobs and build (characters) will be fundamentally powered up due to the improvement in the gear. I will discuss about this further more in the discussion part.
- Support in level handy cap. Im current server, high level players can easily smash low level players. However, after the implementation of the mixbox if low level players were able to make great gear, they will have a chance to kill a high level player.
- Improved importance of Main Quest and advantages for the long term players who played for a long time.
- Positive improvement in the importance of ITEM HUNTING!
- Increase in the price of DX Unique Items.
Theoretical negative Effects:
- There will be difference between huge and poor (its all about people who item hunt and who don’t)
- Slightly become closer to the end game.
- More likely to be Pay to Win.

Some people are stating that the Thief will be very strong character by the implementation of the mixbox, however this is untrue. Mostly in OGPlanet server, mixbox’s normal usage was to mix the items which were CREATED BY USING EXTRACTOR AND MIRROR. Therefore it is almost impossible to substitute the mixbox to create the item which extractor and mirror supposed to create. Also, in natural drop, same prefixes won’t be drop in one item (for example, 1/3 luck and 1/3 luck item will not drop in nature) therefore it requires Main Quest (300million gold per item) to make the prefix stronger, therefore even if mixbox is implemented, player will not be able to create the strong gear straight away.
To conclude, I support the implementation of the mixbox, because it will have so much more positive effects than the negative effects which might be caused. However, I disagree with the implementation of mirror/extractor because those are the real pay to win items which will most likely to destroy the server power balance as Chronos stated. However, Chronos disagree with my statement of the mixbox, I do not understand because there are too many positive effect rather than negative effect yet she says “NO BECAUSE IT WILL BEGIN THE END GAME”. However, she agreed with the easier access to the mixbox from the main quest – which means she doesn’t want to make the game pay to win but still wanting to make the mixed item = she won’t be able to afford for the mixbox therefore she don’t want mixbox to be in the premium store in game.

Written by ダイちゃん (devilspeed)
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