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New RS server should reset everything

New RS server should reset everything

The game&game is not OGPlanet, so if server reset, everything should be reset.
I was one of player who hit 800+ w/o hacking items, so to be honest, I feel sad that game is died by hackers, but if players who could hit higher lv by own effort, they will be able to get higher lv in the future again. The people who kept saying transfer char/items had never played legit way that is my opinion.
I know some people took a long time to get current lv, but as you did, everybody took a long time to get current lv too, so if you keep saying transfer data, maybe you are childish or selfish person xD

No provide items from game&game.
Item trade/sell/buy is one of good point for community. If nobody need items which dropped in lower lv, nobody make stall in town >.<

Have you ever seen private server(redgem.biz)/OGP(full hack version)? Nobody made stall, or even someone made stall, it's usually mean (1gold or 20000000gold bar)

To provide gears tend people to be solo players. PT system is for helping each other(not leeching system), but if players already have enough gears, nobody make pt for sure.

This game should be made by good community. Good community comes from good communication. Therefore, no transfer char/no provide items.

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